Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale [Beginner Guide]

The Goal

Treasure? Check. Weapons & Armor? Check. Skeletons? Check. Looks like a dungeon to me!
  • Identify enemies that can be easily defeated without any items or abilities (Skeletons, Gobloids, Peasants, etc... ). These are enemies where your starting attack is enough to defeat them after a couple rounds.
  • Defeat these basic enemies to earn gold
  • Use the gold to acquire items & abilities from the dungeon, which will allow you to defeat more powerful enemies
  • Repeat, until you’ve defeated all of the enemies in the dungeon.

*Everything* Is a Resource

  • You can ‘spend’ health by fighting monsters to earn gold
  • Gold can be spent to acquire items
  • Tiles you don’t need can be discarded for health and gold
  • Unused tiles at the end of the dungeon are converted to gems, which can be used to buy stronger items
On this board, it’d make sense to use the Chainmail you’ve acquired to take out some of these Snotwulfs, then using the gold acquired from battling enemies to acquire more powerful items from the dungeon.
Discarding this Icebolt now means that you’re ‘wasting’ the 2 HP that you gain when discarding a tile (since Greybeard is already at full health). Consider defeating a basic enemy first to ‘spend’ some health, then discarding the tile afterwards, to make better use of the health recovery.

More Cards = Good

Take Advantage of Your Perks (and build your deck around them)

With ‘Brewer’, it might be worth keeping an eye out for potions, in order to make the most of the perk bonus
A powerful perk — but only if your deck has high-cost abilities
This item helps make Bruno really tanky — he’s able to go toe-to-toe with enemies and recover afterwards if you build your deck around Block items
This ability can help deal extra damage by being clever about when / where to acquire abilities
Mischief is pretty weak against a full board but stealth is pretty useful at clearing enemies that are alone
Health management is tricky with Muldorf, but he makes up for it by overwhelming the your foes with summoned skeletons

Be Efficient

Be careful not to ‘waste’ tiles not needed to clear the dungeon, in order to get a higher unused item bonus at the end of the dungeon.

Replace Basic Cards

Although having a deck with the maximum number of cards is ideal, once you can afford to replace basic cards like Slash and Short Sword, it’s worth doing so

Learn Monster Patterns

The gold shield on Bruno’s card indicates that he has enough Block to stun this Snotwulf. This is a perfect way to minimize the amount of damage Bruno takes, and helps clear the dungeon efficiently.

Recognize Your Strengths

Powerful weapons and armor are typical of Bruno
Enemies with high armor can be difficult to deal with unless you have piercing attacks.
Greybeard’s abilities to burn enemies (deal damage whenever they slide down) or freeze enemies (reduce damage dealt) are very useful to help control the dungeon.
High HP enemies like the Trash Golem can be really challenging for Greybeard — direct damage abilities are powerful, but you can easily run out of steam quickly.
Mischief is pretty vulnerable without stealth, since she has only 1 attack. Knockout — a starting ability in Mischief’s deck — can be used to immediately exit battle. This allows her to re-trigger her starting perk, Riffraff, and regain stealth for the KO.
Muldorf doesn’t have enough health to survive a hit from these Gobloids, but his skeleton minions can do do the job for him.

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Indie game dev working on a roguelike deckbuilder called Meteorfall and prototyping an exciting new project called Artifacts & Accessories

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Indie game dev working on a roguelike deckbuilder called Meteorfall and prototyping an exciting new project called Artifacts & Accessories

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