The Localization of Krumit’s Tale


The translation interface on
Progress of Krumit’s Tale across various languages
  • The work load is distributed across a community of people. If you’re often adding or tweaking strings, you can often turnaround the results more quickly than with a single localization studio
  • ‘Wisdom of the Crowds’. Although I haven’t realized the full potential of this in my project, I like the ability of the community to vote for translations that are better than the current translation. Even professionals make mistakes, particularly with context, and this ‘open source’ models helps to fix it. This has been a big help in improving the translations for certain languages for Krumit’s Tale, especially Spanish.
  • Better understanding of the game and underlying mechanics. Many translators on Localizor found and played Krumit’s Tale after finding it on Localizor, or joined Localizor to help translate it. As a result, they have a fantastic understanding of the game’s tone, rules, and mechanics that would be difficult to convey to a localization studio. I can also chat with them on the Meteorfall Discord about localization questions, which is not something I’d expect to be able to do with a professional studio.
  • Lack of formal process to request translations. I update the source strings on Localizor and Localizor helps notify the community of translators about the update. No need to make a formal request to a studio or agency for an update. The whole process feels very lightweight.

How Did Localization Impact Sales?

  • China sold less than 50 copies on Steam in February. In late March / Early April when we rolled out the Chinese translation, China sold ~250 copies in March and another 500 in April. It continues to be one of the top platforms overall.
  • Russia and Japan sold less than 10 copies in total on Steam in June, and similar in the months leading up to it. The following month, in July, these two countries sold about 300 copies apiece for a total of more than 600 copies
  • On iOS, Japan to date is the #2 top seller (behind the US) with about a quarter of the total US sales and more than the next 3 countries combined
Krumit’s Tale — iOS Units Sold as of Sept 8 2020

Challenges with Localization

An example of what StringResource.cs looks like

Other Random Details

  • All the strings in Krumit’s Tale are stored as JSON key-value pairs, which is what Localizor natively exports. It’s a really common and easy format to work with. I found it superior to .csv because it doesn’t really require thinking about escaping commas and it adds a bit more structure to the text




Indie game dev working on a roguelike deckbuilder called Meteorfall and prototyping an exciting new project called Artifacts & Accessories

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Indie game dev working on a roguelike deckbuilder called Meteorfall and prototyping an exciting new project called Artifacts & Accessories

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